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With an experience of more than 44 years, we have been able to establish ourselves in the zenith by offering a comprehensive range of laboratory testing equipment and laboratory scientific instruments that includes general and research lab instruments, soil testing instruments, bitumen testing instruments and cement & concrete testing equipments. These have a great usage in various scientific applications for efficiency, sturdiness and application specific design. 

Our Products Range

Sampling Auger

We are indulged in manufacturing of a wide range of Sampling Augers, which can be availed by our valued clients at highly cost effective prices.

Direct Shear Apparatus

As per IS: 2720 (Part XIII). The apparatus consists of : Loading Unit with V-strips on which shear box housing rests, loading yoke with direct and lever system...

Soil Permeability Apparatus

As per IS:2720 (Part – XVII). The apparatus consists of :Gunmetal mould, 100mm dia x 127.3mm high x 1000ml volume, high, Drainage base plate with a recess...

CBR Apparatus

As per IS: 2720 ( Part XVI ), motorized. It consists of Bench Type capacity, complete with Mild high, 2.6 & 4.89 kg mild steel rammer, 2.5 kg annular & slotted weight...

Extractor Frame Universal

Screw Jack Type, consists of adaptor plates and for meter specimens. Above apparatus can be provided with stand to obtain samples from one sample, at extra cost.

Consolidation Test Apparatus

As per IS: 2720 Part XV. Single cell model. It comprises of a loading frame having with a loading yoke and lever arm complete with counter balancing adjustments.

Field Density Apparatus Sand Replacement Method

The apparatus is used to determine dry density of coarse, fine and medium grained soils. It consists of a cylinder fitted with conical funnel and shutter and calibrating container, with in the center.

Proctor Compaction Apparatus

Consists of 150 mm dia. X 2250 cc volume Mild Steel Mould with base plate & collar and 4.89 kg x 450 mm controlled fall steel rammer (Modified)

Shrinkage Limit Test Apparatus

As per IS: 2720 ( part VII ). Consists one each of Porcelain evaporating dish, Shrinkage dish, Glass cup, Perspex prong plate with three metal prongs, Perspex plain plate, Spatula, Plastic Without mercury.

Plastic Limit Test Apparatus

Consists of one each of glass pate, measuring, flexible spatula, evaporating dish, dia and 6 nos moisture cans packed in a cardboard box.

Liquid Limit Test Apparatus

As per IS: 2720 (Part V). Liquid Limit is that water content at which a part of soil cut by a groove of standard dimension will flow together for a under air...